Utkrisht is a grad student @ Department of Computer Science and Automation , IISc Bangalore. He is advised by Prof Arkaprava Basu and works at CSL. His research is primarily focussed in Computer Systems(Architecture, Operating Systems & GPU Memory Subsystem).

He is currently working on out-of-memory GNN training on GPU’s, identifying potential bottlenecks(CPU / GPU / Memory / PCIe) in the training pipeline and devising novel techniques to increase overall throuhgput and latency using Deep Graph Library

As part of initial research problem he worked on out-of-memory graph processing on GPUs and exploring various memory oversubscription techniques using unified memory, zero-copy and graph-partitioning. We did comprehensive analysis for graph traversal workloads on billion-scale graph and are currently designing a robust framework for applications under high memory pressure.

He previously held a position at Nutanix from 2020 to 2022 as an SRE where his work primarily revolved around troubleshooting issues on Nutanix stack. He is skilled in resolving issues related to Networking, Hardware, Virtualisation/Hypervisors, Storage on (AHV/ESXi/Hyper-V).

Before joining Nutanix he graduated with a major in CSE in 2020 from KIIT, BBSR, Odisha.

EMAIL : u t k r i s h t p [at] i i s c [dot] a c [dot] i n


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